Self hosting the Drupal web content management system with Aegir

Serious Drupal hosting SaaS such as Pantheon starts at 25$USD per site, Acquia is something like 100$+ per site.

With the FLOSS Aegir Hosting System this cost per site can be greatly reduced. Of course total cost of ownership may still be high, when technical ability and Linux admin time are factored in.

Let’s self-hosted Aegir on an LXD/LXC container and migrate off an OVH VPS using Aegir’s built-in Remote Import feature.

I’ve worked with Ansible for Aegir in the past and there are a few Ansible roles and example playbooks on github.

As far as I can tell, none are official, so, I’ll use the Debian packages on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 with Php5 from the official docs.

Php7 on Xenial is reportedly twice as fast and is supported, but I had errors and had no time to work through the issues.

UPDATE: I did actually get Aegir 3.9 with PHP7 on Ubuntu 16.04, but not without issues, I would say there are still issues



vi /etc/hosts aegir-server localhost aegir-server aegir-server
::1 aegir-server ip6-localhost ip6-loopback

lets do an update and upgrade

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

I also add the server to Debops inventory. I want unattended upgrades of Ubuntu security releases and firewall via ferm etc.

install Postfix, choose Internet site

sudo apt install postfix


add the Debian official repositories

echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aegir-stable.list


add the archive key to the servers keyring

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - sudo apt-get update


install the Aegir 3 package

sudo apt install aegir3


the installation proceeds and you need to manually enter a mysql password (make it secure, record it in an encrypted password manager and avoid special characters)

verify URL of hostmaster frontend

re-enter mysql password

Aegir is installed and offers a login link, change username and password and email.

More parts to follow