An Open Source Hardware Personal Computer Made in Silicon Valley, USA ?

I am on a mission to find an Intel style, open-source hardware, personal computer, made in Silicon Valley, USA.

I want to run Ubuntu or Redhat and have the mainline device drivers support for commercial peripherals.

I do not want Raspberry PI or Beaglebone, I want mainline PC architecture.

I do not want a Maker gadget or a DIY toy.

I know there is the high end Open Compute project, and that is for BIG INTERNET companies and government systems.

I asked Scott McNeally via Twitter.

I asked the question on Can I buy an open-source hardware computer assembled and manufactured in Silicon Valley? Quora.

I know of the Minnow Board project, which is an Intel project and was manufactured by a Texas company.

But, I want a Silicon Valley made personal computer. Not assembled or designed in Silicon Valley. But made in the Silicon Valley, USA.

I want to build an open source hardware and software commercial project on such a computer.

Any leads, email me at [email protected]

  • Brian Ottaway

    There are certainly options. As usual it comes down to the details. As for a MinnowBoard, the files are open source so you can simply build your own. I will reach out in email.

    Brian Ottaway, Foundation.

    • thanks Brian, you might have guessed, but I dont own a factory ! thanks

      • Brian Ottaway

        What I meant: with Gerber files and BOM posted, you could approach and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) shop and just pay a fee. This is feasible, and there are many qualified EMS options in Silicon Valley.

        Further, as you mentioned in email, you could contact ADI directly. Again, it would just be a matter of a fee. I can introduce you if you like.

        There are also other boards, but you’d have to consider certifications and FW/SW support.


        • thanks for the guidance

          have contacted ADI and they are preparing a Made in USA estimate now

          would be interested in a couple of other recommendations for Silicon Valley EMS, email if you get a chance

          thanks again for the patience