Folkbot Drupal 8 Distribution Part 1 – Code Setup

We are going to build a Folkbot Drupal 8 Distribution, Profile, Module, Theme.

This will connect with the central proprietary and also other Folkbot servers, self hosted, forks etc in the federation.

Or that is the plan anyways.

Drupal 8 Installation Profiles has had a face-lift and we hit the spanking new docs

Download Drupal 8

It’s tempting to set-up a GIT upstream right now from, lets live dangerously

mkdir -p ~/Projects/Folkbot/drupal8
cd ~/Projects/Folkbot/drupal8

note, we are nesting a bit deeper so I can put other working folder and files above the repo as needed

git clone --branch 8.2.x folkbot_drupal8
cd folkbot_drupal8

I am adding the Gitlab remote for Folkbot

git remote add gitlab_com [email protected]:folkbot/folkbot_drupal8.git

and lets remove origin so we dont accidentally pull from it

git remote remove origin 

and we can add it again as drupal_org

git remote add drupal_org

its a nice thing to have two remotes, one upstream from source, and another our customizations

[email protected]:~/Projects/Folkbot/drupal8/folkbot_drupal8⟫ git remote -v
drupal_org (fetch)
drupal_org (push)
gitlab_com      [email protected]:folkbot/folkbot_drupal8.git (fetch)
gitlab_com      [email protected]:folkbot/folkbot_drupal8.git (push)

lets make the branch 8.2.x our master branch, we can make feature branches and tags for our work later, we want to be able to keep upstream branches separate from our own work

git checkout -b master
git status
On branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean

now lets modify create a

touch ~/
git commit -am "FolkBot docs"

and now we can push to Gitlab

git push -u gitlab_com master