Command line screencasts with asciinema

Screencasting a bash session with Asciinema, a GPL Python terminal session recorder at github asciinema and website

This can be useful for watching command line progress along with a blog post. Its also possible to copy and paste text from the asciinema, unlike a video.

On Mac Sierra

brew install asciinema

To create a new recording

asciinema rec [filename]

In my case I am installing a session where I install Middleman

asciinema rec middleman

to play the screencast locally

asciinema play middleman

To publish asciinema to the web and the public site you need to create an account using a password-less email registration and login system.

Visit the site, enter email, authorize email and account, then on command line.

asciinema auth

and then in browser confirm authorization and finally upload middleman installation

asciinema upload middleman

You can see the warts-and-all Middleman installation on another blog post