Bootstrap 4 Material Design in GPL

I am trying to focus on a single CSS framework for FolkBot and some implementations in distributions, binaries, products and SAAS.

There is a very excellent, non free, paid and premium theme, called Material Design for Bootstrap. It actually has a fremium kind of model. It has a well structured license and business model, BUT, none of the options allow embedding in an open source project, and since I want complete freedom I have chosen another implementation.

This Material Design for Bootstrap 4 by an Australian web agency called Daemonite. This seems the most active, if not the most popular, and since Bootstrap 4 is still in development I want a responsive team behind the codebase. It seems to have all the components and kitchen sink with great docs.

Material Design Bootstrap 4
Material Design Bootstrap 4
  • Piotr Bender

    Hey there,

    I’m Piotr from Material Design for Bootstrap team (the first one).

    We have tried to make our license as simple as possible. If you have any doubts on it, mail me at [email protected] so we’ll clarify everything.

    Also, our whole community (both free and pro users) get a full support during their work with MDB, regarding our product and web development alone.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • hi Piotr, thanks for checking in on me, I updated the post, you are correct, the license is well structured and not confusing at all, which I have clarified above.

      I wanted to embed the styling into an open source project and thats not allowed in your licensing.

      I really love your work and would recommend it highly for any project that wanted to get from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 5 seconds.

      I used it for a Phoenix app that I haven’t released yet and it rocks ! cheers -N