About Us

Nicholas Roberts, that’s me, is the principal of Devekko.com and is an experienced and creative IT and web professional.

He also has trouble writing pretentiously in the third person, with the royal we. So…

I’ve worked in community, corporate and government sectors and now am living in Sonoma County in California, in the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

During my career I’ve worked as an IT manager in London, as webmaster for a newspaper group in Sydney Australia, developed the website for a festival in Newcastle, Australia, organized open source mini events at the United Nations in New York, and worked for a California biotech government agency in San Francisco.

I am now trying to bootstrap our ecological agriculture project on our farm with my wife, start a web publishing company, and am open to technical consulting, in the usual tools: WordPress, Drupal, Javascript, JSON API and perhaps more exotically with Phoenix projects.

Contact [email protected]